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Meat & Poultry

Prices are per kilo, unless unit weight is specified.  Some guide weights have been indicated too on certain cuts of meat. 
How to use this menu order form: Simply click on the categories below to show the products. Add the quantity you would like to order for each product. You can add a comments for each if so choose.

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Name Price Quantity
MooQ Beef Burger 34 x 200g
Porterhouse Steak 0.8-1.2kg Aged 21 days (5 days pre order)
Ribeye 4-6kg German Dry Aged 20 days (5 days pre order)
Ribeye Chain Off 3kg Aged 21 days (5 days pre order)
Ribeye on Bone 7kg German Dry Aged 20 days (5 days pre order)
Ribeye on Bone 8kg Aged 35 days (5 days pre order)
Tenderloin 3kg Aged 35 days
Valles de Leon Ribeye 3kg Spanish Dry Aged 15 days
Valles de Leon Striploin 3-5kg Spanish Dry Aged 15 days
Valles de Leon Striploin 3-5kg Spanish Dry Aged 25 days
Valles de Leon Tenderloin 2kg Spanish Dry Aged 15 days
Valles de Leon Tenderloin 2kg Spanish Dry Aged 25 days
Name Price Quantity
Burger Wagyu 25 X 200G
Rib Eye Japanese Wagyu Grade 9+ 5kg (5 days pre order)
Ribeye Chilian Wagyu Grade 6-7 3kg
Short Ribs Wagyu Grade 6-7 2.5-3.5kg
Striploin Japanese Wagyu Grade 9+ 4kg (5 days pre order)
Tenderloin Chilian Wagyu Grade 6-7 3kg
Tenderloin Japanese Wagyu Grade 9+ 2kg (5 days pre order)
Name Price Quantity
Organic Burgers 27 x 200g
Organic Flank Steaks 900g
Organic Ribeye 4kg
Organic Sirloin 4kg
Organic Tenderloin Chain Off 2.2kg
Name Price Quantity
Cheeks Irish Black Angus Beef 5kg
Entrecote Irish Black Angus Beef
Fillet Black Angus Irish Beef
Name Price Quantity
Australian Black Angus Striploin 1.8kg
Entrecote Australia
Fillet Australian Beef
Name Price Quantity
Fillet Argentinian Beef
Name Price Quantity
Entrecote Hereford
Name Price Quantity
Tenderloin French Charolais 2.8kg
Name Price Quantity
Entrecote Galician Beef
Fillet Galician Beef
Minced Galician Beef
Minced Mixed Beef & Pork
Ossobucco Galician Beef
Rump of Beef
Skirt Galician Beef
Stewing Galician Beef
Tomahawk Galician Beef
Name Price Quantity
Entrecote USA Angus
Outside Round Greater Omaha Select USA Black Angus Beef 6kg
Ribeye Greater Omaha Select USA Black Angus Beef 5kg
Short Ribs Greater Omaha Select USA Black Angus Beef 7Kg
Sirloin Greater Omaha Select USA Selects Black Angus Beef 3kg
Striploin Greater Omaha Select USA Black Angus Beef 5kg
Tail of Round Greater Omaha Select USA Black Angus Beef 3kg
Tenderloin Greater Omaha Select USA Black Angus Beef 2.4kg
Tri Tip Cap Greater Omaha Select USA Black Angus Beef 2 x 2.5kg
Name Price Quantity
Uruguay Tenderloin 2kg
Name Price Quantity
Milk Veal Rack 5kg Aged 21 days Germany
Milk Veal Striploin 6kg Aged 21 days Germany
Milk Veal Tenderloin with Chain 1.5kg Aged 21 days Germany
Milk Veal Tomahawk Steak 7kg Aged 21 days Germany
Ossobucco 1.3kg Italy
Ossobucco 1.3kg Austrian
Rack Veal 3kg Germany
Rack Veal 3kg Austrian
Rib Eye Spanish
Split Veal Feet 10kg Box Germany
Striploin Veal 1.8kg Germany
Tenderloin Veal 1.2kg Austrian
Tenderloin Veal 1.2kg Germany
Veal Bones 3-5cm Frozen 5kg Germany
Veal Cheeks 1.2-2kg Germany
Veal Sweetbreads 2 x 1kg Germany


Name Price Quantity
Lamb Bones 3-5cm 5kg frozen
Lamb Leg Bone In
Lamb Liver 2kg
Lamb Loin 1kg
Lamb Neck Bone Out 2 x 500g 2 x 5 necks
Lamb Rack French Cut Irish 2 x 8 Ribs
Lamb Saddle 2-3kg
Lamb Saddle 2.5-5kg
Lamb Shank 2 x 8
Lamb Shoulder 3 x 2kg Oyster Cut Bone In 6kg Unit price
Name Price Quantity
Chops Lamb Local
Leg Lamb Local
Minced Lamb Local
Neck Diced Lamb Local
Shanks Lamb Local
Shoulder Boneless Lamb Local
Shoulder Diced Lamb Local
Shoulder of Burgales Spring Lamb Deboned
Shoulder of Mallorcan Spring Lamb Deboned
Name Price Quantity
Fillet Lamb New Zealand Frozen
Lamb Rack French Cut New Zealand 2 x 8 Ribs
Loin of New Zealand Lamb
Shoulder of New Zealand Lamb 700-900g


Name Price Quantity
Fillet Duroc Pork
Loin Duroc Pork
Spare Ribs Duroc Pork
Name Price Quantity
Baby Ribs Pork
Belly Pork with Skin (request width of cut)
Boned and Rolled Leg Pork
Cheeks Pork
Chops Pork
Escalope Pork
Fillet Pork
Leg of Pork on the Bone
Loin Pork
Minced Pork
Pork Fat / Lard
Shoulder of Pork
Shoulder of Pork Boneless
Spare Ribs Pork
Suckling Pig Mallorcan Whole 3-5kg unit price
Name Price Quantity
Belly Iberico Pork
Cheeks Iberico Pork
Fillet Iberico Pork
Loin Iberico Pork
Presa Iberico Pork
Rack Iberico Pork
Secreto Iberico Pork
Name Price Quantity
Back Bacon Smoked
Back Bacon Unsmoked
Gammon Joint Steaks
Oscar Meyer Bacon 150g
Streaky Bacon Unsmoked

Cooked Meats

Name Price Quantity
Cooked Ham York Slices
Cooked Ham York Slices Premium Quality


Name Price Quantity
Italian Pork Sausages x 3 approx 250g unit price
Mortadella with Olives
Parma Ham
Porcheta with Rosemary
Salami Milano
Salami Pepper and Fennel
Salami Spicy with Paprika
San Daniele
Name Price Quantity
Arturo Sanchez 100% Bellota Ham on Bone
Arturo Sanchez 75% Bellota Ham Deboned
Arturo Sanchez Service - Hand Cut whole ham and vac pack
Chorizo Castro Iberico
Duck Ham Rougie 90g Unit Price
Iberico 5J Bellota Ham Deboned
Iberico 5J Bellota Ham on Bone
Iberico Bellota 5 J's Cut by Hand
Iberico Castro Bellota Gold Ham on Bone
Iberico Noblanza
Salchichon Iberico
Serrano Ham 500g

Gourmet Sausages

Usually frozen. 5 days notice for fresh.
Min. Order 450 - 550g. Packs of 6 sausages approximately.
Name Price Quantity
Beef & Black Pepper - Gourmet Sausages
Black Pudding
Boerewors Gourmet Sausages
Chicken, Garlic & Herb Gourmet Sausages
Cumberland Gourmet Sausages
Lamb & Mint Gourmet Sausages
Lincolnshire Gourmet Sausages
Plain Pork Gourmet Sausages
Pork & Apple Gourmet Sausages
Pork & Herb Gourmet Sausages
Pork & Leek Gourmet Sausages
Pork, Beef & Guinness Gourmet Sausages
Pork, Chili & Garlic Gourmet Sausages
Pork, Ginger & Spring Onion Gourmet Sausages
Pork, Honey & Mustard Gourmet Sausages


Name Price Quantity
Entrecote Kangaroo 7 days notice
Fillet Medallions Kangaroo 7 days notice
Fillet of Wild Boar
Leg of Venison Deboned
Leg of Wild Boar
Loin of Wild Boar
Rabbit Deboned
Shoulder of Venison Deboned
Shoulder of Wild Boar Deboned
Terrine Rabbit with Olives 1kg Unit Price
Venison Fillet 1.3KG
Venison Ham 0.6-1.2kg Bone Out
Venison Loin
Name Price Quantity
Goose Fat Rougie 320g Unit Price
Goose Frozen 4kg approx
Market Price
Guinea Fowl 1.2kg frozen
Guinea Fowl Supreme
Ostrich Fillet
Partridge Supreme x 30 Unit Price
Partridge x 8 October - February
Market Price
Pheasant 700g October - February
Market Price
Pheasant Supreme x 16 Unit Price
Pigeon Breast wing off, skin on x 20 1.3kg (5 days pre order)
Pigeon Breast with Skin 2 years old 1.3kg box (1 week pre order)
Pigeon Royal x 6
Quail Breast 1kg
Quail Deboned 5 days notice Unit price
Quail Whole Boneless x 10 (4 days pre order)
Quail Whole Imperial x 10
Terrine Pheasant with Setas 1kg Unit price
Whole Pigeon 400-500g x 10
Wood Pigeon x 8 October - February Unit Price


Name Price Quantity
Breast Organic Chicken 180-220g x 2
Organic Chicken Breast
Supreme Organic Chicken 180-230g x 4
Whole Organic Chicken
Name Price Quantity
Breast Boneless Chicken
Chicken Carcass
Drumsticks Chicken
Liver Chicken
Minced Chicken
Poulet de Bresse 1.2-2.5KG
Poussin Baby Chicken
Quarters Chicken
Supreme Chicken
Thighs Bone In Chicken
Thighs Boneless Chicken Skin Off
Whole Chicken
Wings Chicken
Name Price Quantity
Breast Corn Fed Chicken
Drumstick Corn Fed Chicken
Supreme Corn Fed Chicken
Thighs Deboned Corn Fed Chicken
Whole Corn Fed Chicken Label Rouge
Whole - Corn Fed Chicken
Name Price Quantity
Minced Turkey
Turkey Breast
Turkey Drumstick
Turkey Whole Per Kg
Name Price Quantity
Breast Duck x 2
Breast Fresh Barbarie Female Duck x 2
Confit Duck Leg Rougie Deboned 1.5kg Unit Price
Confit Duck Leg Rougie Individual Unit Price
Confit Duck Leg Rougie x 8 Unit Price
Duck Cherry Valley Female Whole
Duck Legs 2 x 200g
Fat Duck Rougie 320g
Peking Duck Frozen
Whole Duck Label Rouge Female
Whole Fresh Barbarie Female Duck
Name Price Quantity
Bloc Foie Gras Duck with Truffle 75g Unit Price
Duck Foie Pieces Can 1kg
Duck Foie Rougie Can 1kg
Ficelle Duck Rougie for Canapes 125g Unit Price
Ficelle Duck Rougie for Canapes 400g Unit Price
Foie Goose Denerved 660-900g
Foie Gras Duck 500-600g
Foie Gras Duck Escalopes Rougie Frozen 25/40g 1kg
Foie Gras Duck Escalopes Rougie Frozen 60/80g 1kg pack
Foie Gras Duck Terrine with Champagne & Pepper 500g
Foie Gras Feyel Sliced Frozen 800g
Foie Gras Goose 500-700g
Foie Gras Mousse Duck 320g
Foie Gras Terrine Duck Rougie 1kg
Mi Cuit Duck (70% Duck Foie Gras) 300g
Mi Cuit Goose Rougie 350g Unit Price
Millefeuille Duck Foie with Perigord Truffle 180g
Mousse Foie Gras Duck 1kg Unit Price
Ravioli Duck Foie Gras Rougie x 150 1.5kg
Terrine Duck Foie with Cherries 1kg Unit Price

Speciality Products

Name Price Quantity
Beef Carpaccio 10 x 100g

Kosher & Halal Products

We can supply a variety of Kosher & Halal products with 10 days notice. Generally Kosher Meats will be fresh and Halal frozen. Most cuts of Beef, Lamb & Chicken are available. Also Dairy, Mayonnaise, etc.
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